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[Original post from Robert Ambrogi at Law Sites Blog]

On Monday, I blogged about the launch by ROSS Intelligence, the AI-based legal research platform, of EVA, a free product that analyzes briefs and performs various functions, including determining whether the cases they cite are still good law.

After hearing about EVA, the folks at Casetext — who have their own brief analyzer, CARA — challenged ROSS to participate in a “robot fight” here at Legaltech/Legalweek in New York, where both companies are participating. The challenge was to engage in a head-to-head comparison of the two products, live in front of an audience.

ROSS declined to participate, but Casetext decided to stage it anyway, creating their own EVA account and running the same brief through both analyzers to see how the two platforms compared.

I broadcast the robot fight on Facebook Live, and you can watch it for yourself below. The principle speaker you’ll hear is Jake Heller, founder and CEO of Casetext.