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January 23, 2018, New York, NY — StoryCloud, the leading provider of low-cost nationwide legal videography, today announced a desktop video conferencing platform enabling attorneys to appear virtually for any deposition. This solution effectively eliminates the burden of unnecessary travel and expenses for litigators. It empowers attorneys and interested parties to participate remotely as if they were present in a deposition room.

StoryCloud’s desktop video conference platform is compatible across a wide range of popular devices. It allows seamless audio and video participation using a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or existing video conference system. Live video is streamed securely from the deposition to as many as 100 remote participants who can hear, see and respond to the deposition proceedings in real time.

StoryCloud’s video conference platform provides material value to litigators. With StoryCloud, attorneys who bill by the hour, can make much more efficient use of their time. Instead of having to travel across town or the country, a witness can be deposed in any location while the attorney remains in their office. This technology enables attorneys to scale their practice. They can work on more legal matters concurrently and efficiently.

For more information on how to video conference a deposition, or to book a legal video deposition, please contact StoryCloud at http://storycloud.co/.

About StoryCloud

StoryCloud is the leading provider of affordable, nationwide legal video deposition services for litigators. The platform streams secure and encrypted content to the cloud, making it immediately available to any credentialed participant at a fraction of the current cost. The company holds three major patents with nine more pending. StoryCloud provides a complete platform for legal video recording, conferencing and content management, empowering attorneys to be more efficient and cost effective. For more information, visit StoryCloud at Legaltech New York Booth #410 or online at www.storycloud.co.

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