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Irvine, CA and New York, NY, January 31, 2018 – Case.one today announced the launch of Doc.one, the third new application in .one Suite. Doc.one is a stand-alone document assembly engine that can easily be integrated into a wide variety of applications, including practice management software.

For years, attorneys and their staff have spent too much time creating documents by finding, selecting, and editing an existing version of a specific document or form. That process is not only time consuming, but fraught with error opportunity. Legacy document automation systems are inflexible, difficult to master and limited to specific document libraries. In contrast, Doc.one, yet another application from Case.one designed to eliminate time-wasting document creation and data entry errors, makes virtually any existing document capable of quickly converting for assembly. Doc.one works with both Word and PDF documents allowing legal professionals to build fillable documents quickly and intuitively, court forms, and other types of documents without advanced coding expertise.

“Attorneys tell us they want to focus on what they do best, analyzing and strategizing legal issues, not completing standardized documents. said Bahar Ansari, Co-Founder, and CEO of Case.one. “Doc.one reduces the clerical time required to create documents, court forms, and other legal documents, and helps them practice more efficiently.”

With all its power, Doc.one is easy to use and set up. To see Doc.one in action, visit Case.one at booth 1318 during LegalTech New York.


Case.one launched just a year ago and already has shown its development capabilities. By listening to legal professionals and developing the tools lawyers need to work more intelligently, Case.one is leading innovation not only in practice management applications but in fully supported systems that help lawyers and their staff work more efficiently. Case.one has developed the new .one Suite, which incorporates the tools lawyers and legal professionals need to rely on to increase efficiency, productivity, and client communication. Case.one’s .one Suite is a second-generation cloud-based legal technology platform that takes advantage of machine learning and new technologies to improve workflows and interactions. For more information, please visit Case.one.

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