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Irvine, CA, January 29, 2018 – Case.one today announced a new integration with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. The integration helps lawyers and legal professionals practice more efficiently and use voice controls for convenient functionality.

Lawyers have long been comfortable with dictation, and Case.one’s integration with Alexa allows legal professionals to make convenient entries and call up relevant information within Case.one’s practice management application. Included in the functionality is the ability to enter billing details, authorize users, find a case by case-name, add and search through tasks, add and search through events, and add and search through notes using Amazon Alexa’s powerful voice command service.

“Our team listened to our user base, who told us they wanted a more convenient and practical data entry system,” said Bahar Ansari, Co-Founder, and CEO of Case.one. “Alexa has quickly become the go-to for voice commands, and our clients are raving about the new capabilities within their practice management software.”


Case.one launched just a year ago and already has shown its development capabilities. By listening to legal professionals and developing the tools lawyers need to work more intelligently, Case.one is leading innovation not only in practice management applications but in fully supported systems that help lawyers and their staff work more efficiently. Case.one has developed the new .one Suite, which incorporates the tools lawyers and legal professionals need to rely on to increase efficiency, productivity, and client communication. Case.one’s .one Suite is a second-generation cloud-based legal technology platform that takes advantage of machine learning and new technologies to improve workflows and interactions. For more information, please visit Case.one.

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