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New York City, Legalweek – January 30, 2018 – Today at LegalweekActiance, the leader in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, announced a partnership with Relativity, industry-leading developers of the comprehensive eDiscovery platform. Actiance will build an application on top of Relativity to help legal professionals seamlessly export Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from more than 90 communication channels from Alcatraz, Actiance’s cloud-based content store, directly into the Relativity platform, while retaining the rich, unique, channel-specific metadata necessary for efficient legal review and case management.

Used by organizations around the globe to review and analyze data around litigation, investigations, government requests, and more, Relativity brings the entire eDiscovery process together in a single solution — in the cloud, on-premises, or both. Alcatraz is now part of the Relativity App Hub, which includes applications and integrations built by Relativity developer partners that extend the platforms functionality.

Due to the ever-changing variety of communications tools in use by most corporations, email is no longer the only source of electronic communications in eDiscovery. More firms today are encountering a wide range of communications channels in eDiscovery processes, including text messaging, social media, voice recordings, collaboration tools – even emojis – as sources of ESI. What many are recognizing is the complexity in attempting to understand rich, dynamic conversations that may have taken place over a series of posts or tweets, and in some cases, where those conversations “jump” across channels. Actiance addresses this challenge by enabling Relativity users to quickly access and review conversational content delivered by Alcatraz as a unique Relativity load file.

“As the list of diverse ESI sources continues to expand, Alcatraz will allow Relativity users to quickly access and review custodian communications occurring on every source, and in a single unified view, to greatly improve legal review speed and efficiency,” said Barry Ruditsky, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Global Alliances, Actiance. “We are looking forward to working with Relativity to further streamline the eDiscovery process.”

Improving eDiscovery Process Defensibility

Alcatraz enhances eDiscovery processes by leveraging its TrueComplianceTM content collection capabilities to meet new Rule of Evidence 902(14) standards, while accounting for all aspects of communication events, including virtual room logins, emoticons, ‘like’ events, share events, file transfers, wiki/blog posts, and real-time edits and deletions. This seamless integration between Alcatraz and Relativity provides joint customers with the ability to easily export custodian content from all content sources from Alcatraz into Relativity for processing and downstream review.

“We’re excited to welcome Actiance to the Relativity App Hub as a new developer partner,” said Perry Marchant, Vice President of Engineering, Relativity. “Integration with their cloud-based content store Alcatraz will help our customers elevate the legal review of complex conversations across multiple channels.”

Organizations can now strengthen their eDiscovery capabilities through:

  • Faster review collection and review times
  • Rapid search and filtering across multiple channels of communication across a single pane of glass
  • Simplified one-step export of all data from Alcatraz into Relativity for downstream review
  • Integration of Alcatraz production sets into Relativity GUI

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