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Starting next week, we will join a few thousand people at what will be our 19th edition of Legaltech New York (LTNY). 2018 will mark the second year that LTNY is part of an expanded Legalweek format, with three days of exhibitions, networking and legal sessions.
If you’ve attended LTNY before, you may be familiar with our annual Legaltech NY Agenda Word Clouds that provide a visual display of the words/themes from the event’s educational agenda and session lineup. If you aren’t familiar with word clouds (you’d be surprised!), the larger words/phrases are the ones most often referenced in the agenda text and so on.
Let’s take a look at InsideLegal’s 8th annual Legaltech NY Agenda Word Cloud. To allow for comparison of this year’s visual with the trends from past years, we’ve also included below the word clouds we created in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. Take a look, click on the images to enlarge and compare for yourself.
InsideLegal Legaltech NY 2018 Agenda Word Cloud
Remember: Click on images to enlarge
Legaltech NY 2017 Agenda Word Cloud
Legaltech NY 2016 Agenda Word Cloud-InsideLegal
LegalTech NY 2015 Agenda Word Cloud by InsideLegal
LegalTech NY 2014 Agenda Word Cloud - InsideLegal.com

LTNY 2013 Agenda Word Cloud_InsideLegal

InsideLegal LT NY 2012 Word Cloud
LTNY 2011 Agenda Word Cloud
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[Original post came from JoAnna Forshee of InsideLegal]